What is the role of an OPC mission?

As a project coordinator, the OPC mission has the responsibility of optimizing the construction phase. It also allows for ensuring the respect of the costs and deadlines approved upstream by the project owner. The presence of an OPC is justified when the project is established in separate lots but also in
general contractors. A scheduling and coordination engineer fulfills his function when he is able to manage several different trades on a site.

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What justifies an OPC mission during a construction project


The OPC mission allows for managing this complexity by coordinating all the actors in the project and ensuring good communication between them.


The OPC mission allows for managing risks by anticipating potential problems, proposing adapted solutions, and ensuring the implementation of corrective measures in due time.


The OPC mission allows for optimizing the costs of the project by seeking the most efficient and economic solutions for each stage of the project while guaranteeing the quality of the deliverables.

The OPC has an important role as an intervener within the framework of a mission entrusted by a contracting authority, whose mission can include :

  • Preliminary studies
  • The studies of diagnosis
  • The sketch studies
  • Pre-project studies
  • The studies of the project
  • The assistance brought to the owner for the contracting of works
  • The execution studies or the examination of their conformity to the project. As well as the approval of those made by the economic operators in charge of the works
  • The direction of the execution of the works contracts
  • The scheduling, piloting, and coordination of the building site
  • The assistance brought to the owner during the operations of reception and during the period of guarantee of perfect completion

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What is the content of the OPC mission?

The OPC is a unique interlocutor of the owner however in the quality of coordinator of the works. He ensures the relationship with all the actors, or interlocutors, in the construction of the project. Its mission is summarized on the basis of the phases below :
opc chantier

The preliminary phases studies and preparation of the building site

It is about an analysis of the contractual documents: the acts of engagement, the plans markets, the technical specifications, and the CCAP. The OPC studies the difficulties and the specific requirements of the construction project and manages the administrative formalities required for the good preparation of the building site.

During the preparation phase, the coordinator will analyze the elementary tasks by WBS hierarchical level and by lot. The OPC will organize the sequence of tasks and confirm a critical path. This phase also allows for the establishment of a detailed schedule of studies, supplies, works, and the chronological intervention of the work companies present on site. The planning established by the OPC must integrate all the interfaces for good coordination among the companies.

The phase of piloting and coordination of the building site

The OPC must harmonize the interventions of the various trades and service providers. He holds site meetings between the various participants and ensures the distribution of the reports. The OPC must imperatively recalibrate the various phases of its planning with the respective progress of each task and to evaluate the analysis of the gaps between what was planned and the



pilotage et coordination du chantier
réception des travaux et des ouvrages

The phase of reception of the works

The completion of the works is initially the subject of visits prior to the preliminary operations of receptions called OPR with the organization of the tests. The reception of the works, formalized by the signature of a PV, generates the period of guarantee of perfect completion that the OPC must
also, supervise the trades.

Considering the certification of some works, the OPC must contribute to the planning of these objectives in the general planning of the operation.
The OPC has a strategic role in allowing control of the prices of the operation. The non-observance of deadlines or defects sometimes has financial consequences that the project owner may want to charge.



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administrations des contrats

OPC Mission

planification opérationnelle

Operational planning

gestion des interfaces

Interface management



gestion des risques projet

Project Risk Management

conduite du changement

Change management