Training objectives :

Objectives of this training are to acquire good contract management contract management practices. Identify the fundamentals of contract management and claims management practices, control the life cycle of your contract, identify the risks and deficiencies of the contract, implement the contract strategy from the project starting, analyse and act on the interactions between project management and contract management.

Learning outcome :

At the end of this training, each participant will be able to contribute to good contract management practices.

Public : 

This training is intended for project managers and all persons involved in a project.

Prerequisite : 

The fundamentals of project management.

Educational materials :

Syllabus with training material, this training include also a case study


Interaction between project management and contract management

Day 1 – Market Ownership

  • Types of contracts
  • The Offer (Contract) / Documentation Hierarchy
  • Legal aspects and validity of contracts
  • Interaction between project management & contract management
  • Introduction to the law of obligations / Importance of good faith
  • Appropriate the market / Identify the parts
  • Site preparation phase
  • Planning management (Site)
  • Strategic management of contracts:
    • Knowing how to analyze a contract and deduce an execution strategy from it
    • Contract management tools
  • Case studies

Day 2 – Methodological aspects

  • Management of contract risks
  • Contract administration
    • Correspondance
    • Documentary monitoring of deliverables
    • Amending work, formal notices, OS
    • Amendments
    • Receipt and final statement
  • Optimize customer reporting
    • Construction site logbook
    • Minutes of meetings
    • Validation of technical documents
    • Monthly reporting
  • Control supplier and subcontractor risk
  • Case studies

Day 3 – Claims and Dispute Management 

  • What is a claim? When to make a claim?
  • The various methods of dispute resolution
  • How to prepare a claim
  • Documentation
    • Analysis of claim delays
    • External supports
    • Reality of the damage
    • Methods for costing claims
  • Strategy for handling a claim
  • How to prepare / establish a counterclaim
  • Claims negotiation
  • Case studies
  • Conclusion / Feedback


Duration: 3 days

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Training locations :

  • in company
  • Paris
  • Brussels

Our training can be covered by an OPCA and as part of the CPF and/or Pôle emploi.  Contact-us to receive your grant application by email. (Applicable in France only)