The Primavera P6  solution version 17 includes an improved interface to manage your projects remotely and on a company-wide level. It also provides a more complete gouvernance platform to attribute resources to priorities. Primavera allows you to configure the sector of activity during installation, in order to optimize anaylsis reports and the solution’s performance

Our training programme for  older versions of PRIMAVERA P6  is still available.


Objectives :

Objectives of Primavera P6 introduction and context training are to master the software functions, perfect specifics of the software depending on your needs, implement the software as a project management solution, carry out the migration of your old software to P6 and assist your teams on one of your projects.

Learning outcomes : 

At the end of this programme, each participant will be able to plan and monitor a project using Primavera.

Public :

This Primavera P6 introduction and context training programme is for project managers and everyone implicated in one of the company projects.

Pre-requisites :

You need to know the fundamentals of project management.

Teaching materials:

Each trainee will be attributed with a PC with the Primavera P6 application installed. All participants will receive the training materials at the end of the training. This training programme is made up of a theoretical part as well as a case study.


  • Introduction to Primavera
  • Enterprise Project Structure (EPS)          Presentation options
  • Create a project     Adjust project information
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)     Admin and user settings
  • Calendars
  • Add tasks  Create tasks / Details of tasks / Creation relationships/ Critical tasks
  • Codification  Create codes / Attribution of a code to a task / Assign a code to multiple tasks
  • User preferences Units of time/ Date, quote / Resource analysis and calculations
  • Project documentation Assign documents to tasks
  • Regroup and sort Regroup data / Sort tasks, create filters/ Configurate presentation
  • Roles and resources Definition / Details of resources / Assign resources and skills
  • Assigning costs Expenses / Sources of financing
  • Analyze resources Resource attribution profile / stacked bar graphs, curves / smoothing resources
  • Assign planning baselines  Create a planning of reference / Visualise baseline curves
  • Project execution and control Planning update procedure / Planning
  • Reports Launch an existing report / Report creation assistant
  • Page layout and print
  • Import and export data


Duration : 3 days – 21 hours 

Dates : contact us

Tarif : contact us

Place of training:
. intra-company
. Paris