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True Cost of Project Delay : how to avoid it?

For large investment projects, delays in relation to contractual deadlines can amount to several hundred thousand dollars. In fact, for an average size project, even a 10% overrun can impact the profitability of your projects. If we extrapolate this figure to the average 20% delay experienced by most projects, we get a significant loss. So, [...]
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risk analysis

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis

Any project is expected to be completed within certain period, and if the project gets delayed it results in increase in cost of the project and contractor may have to face penalty for causing delay. Hence it is very important for both the owner and the contractor to follow the project schedule. Scheduling is an [...]
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What is the Difference Between Project Controls and Project Management?

What is the Difference Between Project Controls and Project Management?

There are 3 key differences between Project Controls and Project Management:

1- Project Control is one of the Project Management subsets with the primary focus of managing the project’s cost and schedule.

2- Project Manager is directing the work of the project team while the Project Controller advises the team and the Project Manager of possible cost & schedule issues/ recovery plans.

3- Project Controller generates the project’s cost/ schedule information while the Project Manager consumes the information generated and makes decisions for the project.

Contract Management: Steps & Stakes

Effective contract management may help you to reach an efficient work processes and meet your objectives. Contract management is a continuous process, starting with analysis and evaluation of the customer’s requirements, and carrying on until contract closure, upon fulfillment of all contractual obligations. On a global overview, contract management activities are based on minimizing the [...]

Deploying project control … is it useful?

  What is Project Controls? Project controls is one of the project management disciplines based on the management of the project milestones and management of resources (human, material and equipment) associated with costs in order to evaluate and optimise the project objectives. The project monitoring is essential throughout the entire project life cycle, from the tender phase up to the commissioning or the maintenance phases. Why? Project controls is of primordial importance in [...]