Primavera P6 Introduction & Context as an on-premise or cloud project management solution will allow you to prioritize and plan your projects and portfolios.

In addition, the governance platform is very complete to Schedule, Manage, and Coordinate all tasks, including the resources assigned.

At installation, Primavera can be set up so that you can choose the industry to get the best reporting and performance for your projects.

MESLI Consulting’s Primavera P6 project planning training also continues to be offered for older versions of PRIMAVERA P6.

At the end of the Primavera P6 training, a certificate will be issued to the trainee for having completed the training.

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Objectives of the Primavera P6 training:

  • Mastering the software
  • Improve on advanced software features according to your needs.
  • Deploy the software as a project management solution.
  • Migrate your project data to Primavera P6.
  • Assist your teams on one of your projects.


Acquired :
At the end of this training, each participant will be able to plan a project with Primavera P6.

Public :
This course is designed for project managers and anyone else involved in a company project.

Primavera P6 training requirements:
The fundamentals of project management the validation of the prerequisites will take the form of a preliminary interview (by phone or email) or by submitting a certificate or equivalent diploma.

Methods used: 

This training will include discussions and simulations.

Training Material:

Case studies and a syllabus Each trainee will work on a PC with Primavera. The software P6 is provided during the training course for case studies and exercises.

Assessment methods:
Assessments of achievements through simulation exercises, self-assessment, and a certificate of training completion.


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Day 1: Introduction, structuring and creation of projects in Primavera P6

General introduction

  • The Fundamentals of Project Management
  • Architecture of the Primavera solution
  • Introduction to Primavera P6

Project structure in Primavera P6

  • Configuring EPS (Enterprise Project Structure)
  • Adding a project to the EPS
  • Using and Defining the Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS)
  • Define the language in which the data is displayed

Create a project

  • Create a project
  • Changing parameters and settings for projects
  • Detailed information about the projects

Project Structure (WBS)

  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for your project
  • Setting up the hierarchical levels of the WBS


  • Set up and configure calendars
  • The different types of calendars: project, resources, and global
  • Assign several calendars to projects

Inserting Tasks

  • Create tasks
  • Details of the tasks
  • Creating links between tasks
  • Dissolve a task
  • Copy and Paste tasks
  • Definition and configuration of critical tasks
  • Assigning calendars to tasks
  • Set up and modify task identifiers

Definition of the Network

  • Definition of logical networks
  • Configuration of critical tasks
  • Definition of task constraints
  • Display total float and free float in the planning


  • Define and create project codes, resource codes, and task codes
  • Assigning a code to a task
  • Assigning a code to several tasks
  • Create task codes at the EPS level

Group & Sort – Filters – Layouts

  • Group and sort your data
  • Primavera filters by default
  • Filter task
  • Configuration of presentations and layouts
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to optimize data entry

Day 2: Resources and skills, cost allocation with Primavera P6

Skills and Resources

  • Definition of project resources and skills
  • Resource details
  • Allocation of resources and skills
  • Define resource curves
  • Set up the histogram of stacked resources

Assigning Costs to Tasks

  • Assign expenses to WBS tasks and levels
  • Breakdown of the project budget

Planning optimization

  • Analysis of the critical paths of the project
  • Analysis of resources and histograms by batch
  • Resource leveling
  • Resource allocation

User Preferences

  • Planning time units
  • Setting dates and units
  • Select and display the currency
  • Specify a currency format
  • Change Password

Project Documentation

  • Assigning Documents to Project Tasks

Day 3: Controlling a project with Primavera P6

Assigning a baseline

  • Create a reference schedule (Baseline)
  • View the reference bars in the schedule

Project Execution and Control

  • Procedure for progress
  • Automatic update of the schedule
  • Plan your project with Primavera P6
  • Analyze the gaps with Primavera P6
  • Report creation wizards
  • Open multiple schedules simultaneously.
  • View resources with real progress

Thresholds – Alerts

  • Define project thresholds
  • Configure alerts


  • Identify risks related to planning
  • Consolidate the risk table

Layout and Printing

  • Edit and print reports
  • Print the resource histogram

Import and Export Data

  • Export your schedule to Excel and MS Project
  • Export your schedule in XML and XER formats.
  • Import your schedule into the primavera P6 database


Duration : 3 days – 21 hours

Dates : contact us

Price : Please contact us for a quote request

Place of training:

  • Massy near to Paris
  • Possibility of remote learning

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