Addressing Challenges in EPC Projects with MESLI Consulting

MESLI Consulting specializes in handling large and complex EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) projects, whether they are initiated through public or private contracts. Our dedicated team of engineers and KPI project managers are wholly committed to providing personalized training and support to enhance the skills of your employees. We also work under contractual obligations to deliver results on projects that involve significant complexity and numerous interfaces. 

At MESLI Consulting, we are dedicated to addressing these challenges head-on. We employ proven methodologies, leverage cutting-edge tools, and bring our wealth of experience to bear on your projects. Our aim is to increase the likelihood of project success, ensuring that your endeavors align with your contractual commitments and meet or exceed your expectations. Trust us to help you navigate the complexities of EPC projects and improve your project management outcomes. 


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We understand the challenges faced by organizations in meeting contractual milestones, adhering to partial deadlines, and staying within the originally estimated costs. It is indeed disheartening to note that, according to project management statistics, fewer than 30% of projects achieve success by meeting criteria such as staying within contractual costs and deadlines. 

Audit Objectives: Ensuring Project Success 

Project audits serve several crucial objectives:

  • Confirm Feasibility: The audit validates the feasibility of the project, ensuring it aligns with the organization’s capabilities and resources. 
  • Reassure Project Management: It offers reassurance to the company’s project management team by evaluating the project’s progress and adherence to established plans. 
  • Investigate Challenges: The audit explores specific project challenges and issues, providing insights into what obstacles need to be addressed. 
  • Identify Disruptions: It identifies disruptions encountered during project execution, shedding light on areas that require attention. 

The primary goals of a project audit are to assess:

  • Governance and Processes: Evaluate the governance structure and the effectiveness of processes deployed for the project, ensuring they align with best practices. 
  • Methods and Tools: Analyse the methods and tools used for project management and contract administration, ensuring they are suitable and efficient.

The findings and analysis from the audit are then presented to the management or steering committee, empowering them to make informed decisions and implement necessary changes for project success.

The Audit Preparation and Process at MESLI Consulting 

Effective project audits require meticulous preparation, beginning with a comprehensive review of the contract and a clear understanding of the project’s scope of services. 

MESLI Consulting follows a well-structured methodology rooted in industry best practices, as outlined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Our approach includes personalised interviews with key members of your project teams, such as the project director, project manager, project contract engineer, contract administration engineer, project buyer, and project planning and reporting engineer, among others. 

During the audit process, we formulate an audit opinion based on our findings, and we establish recommendations to address identified risks and enhance the overall customer relationship. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and effective project management experience for our clients by proactively addressing challenges and opportunities for improvement. 

Audit Report: Project Support and Improvement

The audit report, conducted by MESLI Consulting, will be presented to your project management office or executive committee. This report will include observations and proposals for solutions aimed at enhancing current practices. 

To align with your specific requirements, collaborative actions may be initiated to establish a dedicated resource for project and contractual management. The audit report will emphasise a set of recommendations accompanied by an action plan that is validated in advance. 

In the spirit of partnership and ongoing support, MESLI Consulting recommends a regular follow-up on the actions implemented, with intervals agreed upon with the customer. This ensures that the recommended improvements are effectively executed and contribute to the overall success of your projects. 



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