Expert operational planning for your complex projects

Irrespective of your project’s phase, whether it involves contractor consultations, project initiation, execution, or project handover, MESLI Consulting is committed to delivering personalized project planning solutions. We excel in supporting high-stakes projects, providing operational expertise in project management, scheduling, and coordination. 

Our specialization extends to the management of large, multi-domain projects, including construction, building construction, offshore wind, dredging and reclamation, airports, as well as industries like pharmaceuticals, nuclear, and petrochemicals, along with linear projects. 

The projects managed by our teams often involve complex interfaces and intricate requirements. To meet these demands, we deploy tailored methods and utilize appropriate tools for each project, including control software such as Primavera P6, MS Project, Deltek Acumen Fuse, and Tilos. 

Count on MESLI Consulting to ensure the precision, efficiency, and success of your projects, regardless of their scale or complexity, at every stage of development. 

Engage Our Experts for Effective Project Management

Expert Operational Planning Consultants at Your Service

Our team of expert operational planning consultants is here to leverage their skills and expertise to assist you in effectively managing your projects. With a deep knowledge of the best management tools, including Microsoft Project, Tilos, Primavera Solutions, Oracle Primavera Cloud, Unifier, and Aconex, we provide top-notch operational planning services. 

We have specialized proficiency in utilizing Tilos for designing and monitoring schedules, offering graphical representations of both linear and temporal aspects throughout your project’s lifecycle. With our expertise, we can support you in data transfer from Primavera P6, MS Project, or Excel, as well as in creating and modifying space-time schedules using Tilos. 

As seasoned experts in operational planning, our role is to assist you in successfully managing complex projects by meticulously monitoring and controlling various project phases. Trust us to ensure your project’s efficiency and effectiveness at every step. 



Our experience comes from large industrial EPC projects (Engineering, procurement, and construction). We are inspired not only  by our field expertise but also by the philosophy of work and operations of our clients in order to offer quality services in accordance with their commitments.


Project launch phase

  • Taking into account the contractual documents
  • Establishment of a planning procedure linked to the PMP project management plan
  • Structuring of the project work (WBS)
  • Definition and scheduling of project activities
  • Establishment of the baseline schedule
  • Histograms of resources based on contractual quantities
  • Identification of the critical path
  • Assessment of risks related to the time factor and objectives of your projects
  • Modeling of your projects with Primavera Risk Analysis, Acumen Fuse for Monte Carlo simulations requiring vigilance
  • Establishment of a note of assumptions

Durring the construction phase

  • Animation of weekly meetings with the client, the project manager, and the contractors
  • Monitoring of project progress and analysis of deviations from objectives
  • Setting up management charts and steering tools
  • Follow-up of modifications and their impact on the project
  • Management of resources and costs
  • Generation of histograms and progress curves
  • Performance control, recommendations to the client
  • Participation in making formal monthly reports and in our customers’ steering committee

At the end of the project

  • Reception of all works
  • Analysis of the impact of delays by subject and budget quantification
  • Analysis of the causes of delays related to the project planning Scheduling Analysis
  • Formalizing the differences between the project’s reference schedule and its actual progress
  • Recommendations to the customer based on the conclusions and elements of the complaint report’s responses
  • Support for expert opinions and the drafting of additional claims.


For all requests for personalized quotes, please contact us through our contact form.


Gold Oracle Expert Partnership on Primavera P6

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The mastery of Primavera P6 is essential for a serene management of your projects. MESLI
Consulting’s consultants will ensure that you use this essential project management software in an
optimal and efficient manner.

A dual expertise in project and contract management

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This specificity, unique in France, translates into greater cost control for our clients. But also by a strong reduction of the risks of conflicts (legal in particular), a better management of the deadlines…and more serene and safer projects

Planning experience on large international projects

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Planning is the most important element for the success of your projects. MESLI Consulting’s planners offer you the guarantee of an expert service: you give your project a solid foundation.

A dedicated contact throughout your project

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It is particularly important, on complex projects, to have a single contact person, an experienced senior consultant. This requirement allows you to benefit from a real capitalization of knowledge on your project.

Operational and expert assistance on site or in your offices

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Our consultants provide assistance (AMO, PMO) on site or in your offices. And this for the operational management of your projects (piloting or support) by working closely with your employees.

20 years of experience, an approved methodology

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We use for our customers a particularly effective methodology, Anglo-Saxon (PMBOK). This allows an effective project management, stimulating for your teams, applicable at any time of the life cycle of your project.

An efficient strategy to control costs, deadlines, quality

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Our experts provide you with strategic and operational advice in project management, on site or in your offices. You will be able to control your risks, deadlines, costs and quality (planning, implementation of indicators…).

Expertise in multicultural management and change management

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Benefit from our experience: in Asia (China, India). In South East Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Burma, Vietnam…). In the Middle East (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirates…). In Russia, Africa…


``The first few days at the client's site are crucial: it is a matter of establishing a relationship of trust with the client, his collaborators and the project providers and proving one's legitimacy. This is where the experience acquired and the highly specialized training of MESLI Consulting's employees make the difference. As for the methodology followed by the company, it is very strongly inspired by PMBOK processes... with the MESLI Consulting ``touch`` and its 20 years of experience... Clients particularly appreciate our methodology, which is very personalized and simplified: it is the secret to be efficient!


CEO of MESLI Consulting


administrations des contrats

OPC Mission

planification opérationnelle

Operational planning

gestion des interfaces

Interface management



gestion des risques projet

Project Risk Management

conduite du changement

Change management


``Through a complete planning service, MESLI Consulting is driven by the desire to satisfy its customers. And this by providing optimized solutions. Its excellent mastery of Primavera software has enabled it to successfully contribute to a planning and management solution for the DUKOVANY
Project. A project that remains an example in the renovation of Nuclear Power Plant Controls due toits complexity and duration. His experience and technical skills combined with his interpersonal skills make him a quality partner.``


NP Areva