In-depth Exploration of FIDIC Contract Management: Mastering the Key Steps in Two Days

In two days of intensive learning, you’ll immerse yourself in the world of contract management, gaining an in-depth understanding of each crucial step.


2 days – 14 hours

Training locations

Massy (91)
Possibility of remoting


Day 1: Market ownership - 7h

Training of the Contract


Project owner


The Project Manager


The Contractor




Personnel & Labour


Equipment, materials and rules of the art


Deadlines – start-up, delays and suspension


Testing and acceptance

Day 2: Steering the execution of FIDIC Contracts - 7h

Notice of Claim and Foreclosure Clauses   


Limitation of liability clauses, testing   


Traceability and reporting of events   


How to mark up developments/changes in services   


Suspension and Termination   


Risks & Insurance   


Force Majeure  


Claims management   


Dispute Resolution  


Duration: 2 days – 14 hours

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Training locations :

  • Massy (91)
  • Possibility of remoting

Page updated 01/01/2023

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