Contract management: anticipating risks and optimizing margins

Contract management forms the basis of commercial relations and contractual projects. The financial stakes involved in industrial projects are particularly high. Optimal contract management is therefore essential to limit contractual risks and optimize margins.

It’s also crucial to adapt to constantly changing legislation and specific legal jargon.

At MESLI Consulting, we are at your side to offer you comprehensive contractual support. Thanks to our contract management expertise and know-how, we can help you reduce contractual risks and maximize project opportunities.

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Optimal contract management for your complex projects

We are committed to providing you with high-quality contract management tailored to the economic challenges of your complex projects. Our specialists are with you from the outset, managing risks and implementing an effective contractual strategy.

Our aim is to prevent contractual disputes and assist you in contractual negotiations with your customers and suppliers.

If required, we offer customized training programs as well as expertise tailored to your specific needs.

At MESLI Consulting, our legal experts and operational specialists in complex project management are at your disposal. They are seasoned professionals in contract management, contract monitoring and contract control.

gestion de contrat
gestion de contrat

Our experience in contractual and claims management allows :

  • To accompany you in the expertise of your contracts for large, complex projects
  • To provide contractual assistance for one of your industrial projects
  • To deal with problems and systems related to the contractual management of your projects before and during your contracts.
  • On the basis of the availability of a contract engineer to manage your contracts on a daily basis
  • To analyze the contractual documents of your industrial projects
  • Define and implement the contractualization strategy for the project based on studied criteria and by analyzing the contractual risks
  • To write the letters and documents needed to manage your projects’ contracts and formalize the pre-litigation by subject.
  • To bring rigor to the definition of interfaces by lot, but also to guide you in the definition and verification of the limits of your contracts while ensuring a quality relationship with customers and suppliers
  • To accompany you in the preparation of pre-litigation subjects by subject, to make them live in time, as well as the management of the complaints in order to defend your interests (claims management).

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Before signing your contracts

  • Evaluation of customer and supplier contracts
  • Establishment of a risk study
  • SWOT analysis of your contracts
  • Proposal of a contract management plan
  • Assistance in the implementation of the contractual strategy with customers and suppliers

During the contract phase

  • Analysis of the project context and contractual clauses
  • Risk study and proposal of performance improvement methodology
  • Implementation of contract management procedures
  • Strategy proposal and validation with the project management
  • Response to correspondence and validation of customer reports
  • Verification of the contracts of your subcontractors
  • Implementation of a process for managing contract modifications
  • Preparation of pre-litigation files and identification of potential litigation issues
  • Anticipation of claim issues 

Project closing phase

  • Claims Management and Processing
  • Negotiate pre-litigation with customers and suppliers
  • Facilitate feedback meetings related to contract management and administration



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Experts in Project Control and contract management, particularly for large industrial projects, MESLI CONSULTING consultants offer you optimal contract management for all your contracts and support you in optimizing your margins by managing risks and uncertainties throughout the contractual life cycle of your projects.


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MESLI CONSULTING offers you the guarantee of a double expert service in project management (Project control), in contract management as well as the piloting of pre-litigation: gain serenity with our contract managers.


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With MESLI CONSULTING, you benefit from a single contact, an experienced senior consultant. You benefit from a real capitalization of knowledge on the management of your contracts and the follow-up of pre-litigation and customer and supplier claims.


``Contract management for large industrial projects is a critical area for the management and success of your projects. It is about implementing solid foundations to secure your project objectives and optimize your margins.``

Djamel MESLI



administrations des contrats

Contract Administration

planification opérationnelle

Claims management