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Two Decades of MESLI CONSULTING Excellence

Since its inception in 1997 by Djamel Mesli, a seasoned engineer renowned for his expertise in international and multicultural project management, MESLI Consulting has stood as an independent consulting firm that excels in the strategic and operational oversight of significant industrial projects. 

MESLI Consulting offers comprehensive support to its clients, encompassing PMO, AMO, contract management, claims resolution, and more. Our specialized services are particularly tailored to the industrial sectors, including oil, gas, nuclear, transportation, construction, and airports. With a global reach, we operate not only within France but also across international borders, spanning Asia, Africa, Russia, the Middle East, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Join us in celebrating our 20 years of commitment to excellence in project management. MESLI CONSULTING remains steadfast by your side as you embark on your next industrial endeavor. 

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Robust Proficiency in Industrial Project Management

In the present day, the triumph of extensive industrial projects relies heavily on robust project management expertise. Such proficiency must be complemented by outstanding capabilities in foresight, attentive listening, meticulous analysis, and effective communication. 

For over two decades, MESLI Consulting and its dedicated team have consistently provided these essential qualities to our clients. 

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Unleash Your Team’s Potential with Customized Solutions

At MESLI CONSULTING, our complex project management experts are renowned for their extensive experience, unwavering commitment, and exceptional interpersonal skills. We collaborate closely with your teams, either providing support or offering guidance, to ensure your project’s success. 

Our primary objective is to cultivate the potential within your workforce. We specialize in delivering bespoke solutions, developed in close partnership with your teams, to enhance both acceptance and efficiency. Together, we construct strategies that empower your employees and drive optimal results. 

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Complex projects require strong expertise. It is this customized expertise, throughout the management of your project, that our consultants bring to you.


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The strong investment of our consultants within your teams allows a good understanding and an effective operation.


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Our consultants demonstrate great rigor, creativity and excellent interpersonal skills. These are the qualities that make our experts valuable collaborators, guaranteeing the success of your project management.