What is contract administration?

Contract administration defines the procedures and processes required to receive, process and file contractual documents for your projects. It ensures compliance with contractual requirements and mechanisms, and avoids any foreclosure linked to notifications issued.

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Sending & receiving your mail for efficient contract management

Managing your correspondence in line with the life cycle of your projects requires scrupulous contract administration. This is essential to ensure timely processing of customer responses by subject.

Our team is skilled at handling contractual disputes and providing in-depth contractual reports and analyses.

Implementing a payment procedure

Thanks to our expertise in contract administration, we support our customers in the deployment of the payment procedure (monthly situation). We ensure that payment procedures are in line with contractual clauses.

Our contract administration system ensures rigorous monitoring of payments and efficient management of administrative procedures.

Efficiently manage the flow of change and variation requests

MESLI Consulting supports you in the deployment of project modification and variation requests, linked to new phasing scenarios, changes in quantities or in the basic design. This requires optimized management of contractual mechanisms, in the knowledge that customer procedures may sometimes be inadequate or even difficult to understand.

administration des contrats
administration des contrats

Setting up a planning procedure for efficient contract management

Our contract administration enables us to set up a planning procedure to assess deviations (deadlines, budget) and capitalize on datamining. This approach facilitates the compilation of data for in-depth analysis of any delays that need to be implemented.

At MESLI Consulting, we implement contract administration services that include rigorous management of contractual deadlines and precise contract monitoring.

Contract administration throughout the project to guarantee success

We are involved throughout the project to ensure reliable contract administration and contribute to the smooth running and success of your project. We put in place robust procedures and processes to manage your contracts, ensuring that your interests are protected, whether you’re on the customer’s or the company’s side.

Rigorous management of documentary deliverables

We help you manage your project’s documentary deliverables in line with the objectives defined in the schedule. We provide you with advanced document management tools, supported by electronic document management (EDM) procedures.

Experience in claims management strategy

Experts in the operational and legal aspects of claims management, our MESLI Consulting consultants can help you optimize the management of your pre-litigation and litigation on the customer or supplier side, and assist you in resolving your disputes.

Optimized claims management

MESLI Consulting’s consultants and contract managers are experts in negotiation techniques. As a result, after an objective analysis of the responsibilities of each party, proposals and recommendations will be drawn up as advice to avoid and profit from claims.

Pre-analysis of project deadlines and finances

With MESLI Consulting, you benefit from a pre-analysis of project deadlines and finances, to objectively assess risks and uncertainties.

Contract Administration



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Experience in claims management strategy

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Experts in the legal aspects of claims management, our MESLI Consulting lawyers ensure optimal management of your litigation or pre-litigation, and assist you in the successful resolution of disputes.

A legal expertise already experienced in the courts

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We are familiar with the winning strategies in court in this type of litigation and will recommend the best strategies for you.

A pre-analysis of project timelines and finances

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With MESLI Consulting, you benefit from a pre-analysis of the project’s deadlines and finances, in order to be able to objectively estimate the risks involved.


With claims management, it is a matter of deploying strategies validated with the project management, avoiding recourse to litigation and arbitration. The idea is to enforce rights, to comment on and trace potential pre-litigation cases.

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administrations des contrats

Contract Administration

planification opérationnelle

Claims management