Change: Guiding People and Organizations

Every major complex project now necessitates change management. Change management is essential to guide the transformation brought about by new complex projects. Too often, technical aspects overshadow human concerns. However, success is only achieved through the acceptance of the new roles created by the project. MESLI Consulting helps you establish new management practices and develop appropriate procedures to address challenging areas of change management. 


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Implementing a Change Management Plan

With our extensive experience in various industries and challenging scenarios, we have established effective approaches, methods, tools, and resources to assist you in organizing your change management plan. We provide robust support to your team members during transformations and manage resistance. Additionally, we analyze and address any organizational dysfunctions that may hinder project management and success. 
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Implementing Effective Best Practices


With over 20 years of experience in change management for complex projects in a multicultural environment, we have identified best practices that are successful and satisfy both company management and their teams. Resistance to change can potentially delay or even jeopardize a project, making it crucial to help employees understand that change is beneficial to the organization, to them personally, and to the project as a whole. Often, effective communication plays a pivotal role in achieving this understanding. 

Developing a Strategic Vision

To successfully implement change, it’s essential to create a clear vision of your company’s future and the project’s objectives. This involves seeking feedback from your teams and valuing the insights of your senior managers. Embracing change and fostering acceptance within your organization are crucial for the success of your project management. Motivating your employees and aligning them with the vision for new and complex operations will contribute to overall success. 
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Customized, simplified, efficient processes.

Choose MESLI CONSULTING for the management of your projects


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    Make an assessment

    Situation's analysis
    Project communication

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    Strategy development
    / Team project management
    / Users' preparation & involvement

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    Deployment of change process
    / Control of issues and consequences

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    Feed back

    Results' analysis

“Our objectives are summed up in 5 points:

Offer solutions for adapting to procedural change,Create awareness of new managerial practices in complex multicultural environments,Détermine and implement short term objectives,Dévelop unity within the team concerning change,Manage resistance to change.”

Yannick, 45, consultant MESLI CONSULTING


Expertise in Change Management

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MESLI CONSULTING has been managing the transformation of organisations resultingfrom new project management, often carried out internationally, for over 20 years. Our expertise allows you more serenity in your complex project management.

20 years Experience in Change Management

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Our consultants share over 20 years of experience in change management and the best practices to succeed in motivating collaborators confronted with new projects and new organisations.

Multicultural Know-how

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Our consultants field experience, their studies abroad, their different multicultural origins constitute a real advantage for successful change management.


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Our consultants apply PMBOK methods in order to successfully carry out actions for the management of change within your company.


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OPC Mission

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Operational Planning

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Interface Management



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Project Risk and Project Opportunities

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Change Management