Oracle Primavera Cloud : The essential tool for efficient management of major projects

The complex projects you may be running require efficient and easy-to-use tools. Today, the use of Oracle Primavera Cloud is one of the most important solutions to ensure the success of your projects. One of the main advantages is the ease of transferring information to Microsoft Project and
importing and exporting data from and to Excel.

Given the richness of the tool’s functionalities, it is necessary to be well trained to use this software effectively. The handling of the tool is intuitive and fast thanks to our personalized trainings on the basis of concrete case studies from the project launch phase to the customer delivery phase.

Oracle Primavera Cloud is ideal for capitalizing on your data.  But also to help your teams manage transversality more effectively within their complex projects. This tool allows for : planning, piloting, budgeting, decision making, human and material resources, dashboards, risks and opportunities, etc.


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As an Oracle Gold Certified Primavera Partner, MESLI Consulting an offer you experts and trainers in Oracle Primavera Cloud.

Our consultants will provide you with hands-on support for the deployment, training, and operational support of your teams for Oracle Primavera Cloud.

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A simple interface that facilitates the exchange of information

The Oracle Primavera Cloud interface is designed to be ergonomic and accessible to all stakeholders. It seeks, through transversality, to promote effective communication in order to make quick, consensual, and optimal decisions.

Dashboards allow you to communicate your project data in a concise and visual way.

It is also possible to extract reports and data and communicate them. All of Primavera Cloud’s features are accessible from a mobile application to further enhance information management.

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Planning of Studies and Works with Oracle Primavera Cloud

Primavera P6’s scheduling features are found in the scheduling section of the Oracle Primavera Cloud interface. Tasks, durations, and associated links are filled in and then ordered to obtain different schedules.

These schedules will be used to compare project execution scenarios during the planning phase. These schedules are used to compare project execution scenarios during the planning phase and to vevaluate and achieve time objectives during the project execution phase.


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Scope Tracking with Oracle Primavera Cloud

The scope portion of the application makes it easy for project managers and other stakeholders to keep track of all aspects of the project’s scope throughout its lifecycle.

Items such as equipment deployment, network installation, and project document can be centralized on the same platform.

Optimize your site resources with Oracle Primavera Cloud

Resource management is done at the project level for resource demand estimation and at the activity level by assignment. Resources are either project-specific or workspace-specific. They can provide updates on the progress of the project.

Histograms with resource/role assignment boundaries can also be generated for resource analysis.
One of the benefits of the tool is that resources generate fewer unexpected costs during project implementation.

• Robust tools for managing and planning multiple projects at the same time
• Optimization of roles and resources to maximize ROI
• Evaluate and select optimal planning scenarios
• Create resource management plans based on project resource demands

Cost Tracking with Oracle Primavera Cloud

The cost and fund application allows you to produce cost sheets and perform forecasting analysis.

Indeed, the goal is to limit the risks of exceeding the budget.

The various costs are aggregated at the project, program, or portfolio level.

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Risk Analysis with Oracle Primavera Cloud

For complex models with probabilistic planning ramifications, the Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis tool is integrated with Oracle Primavera Cloud. This lets the risk management application use Monte Carlo simulation to do quantitative risk analysis.

  • The risk register provides a central repository for: identifying, assessing, categorizing, and tracking all
    project threats and opportunities
  • Tracking project risks down to the activity level in great detail
  • Analyzing the various graphs to determine the likelihood of achieving objectives and the activities that have the greatest impact on the project schedule
  • Management of risk response plans to determine the best solutions to implement

Integrating the Critical Path Method into Lean Planning

We find that most construction and engineering companies are adopting LEAN manufacturing principles. We believe that most companies would greatly benefit from adopting the LEAN way of working. Often seen as incompatible with the critical path method, their combination may seem impossible at first.

Oracle Primavera Cloud creates a work environment that enables the benefits of quality, cost, and time savings from these two techniques by intelligently using their complementarity. Oracle is a pioneer in the integration of Lean with CPM.

  • Monitoring and integration of Lean construction processes into your planning
  • Management of key performance indicators
  • Identification of factors that limit team productivity

Project Portfolio Optimization with Oracle Primavera Cloud

Thanks to the portfolio application, it is possible to compare several investment scenarios. The objective is to choose the best set of projects to focus on, based on the business strategy. Balanced scorecards are configured to analyze one set of projects at a time.

  • Visibility into the status and performance of portfolios throughout the project lifecycle
  • Analysis of status and key success indicators related to project portfolios
  • Communication of performance improvement results to stakeholders
  • Accelerate budget approval through real-time collaboration

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MESLI CONSULTING consultants are experts on Primavera Cloud and certified Oracle Gold Partner.
They are also trainers and ensure an optimal management of your projects.


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Integrating Primavera Cloud experts into your team ensures that your projects are managed with peace of mind and that you are constantly anticipating the risks and impacts of costs and delays.


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Our consultants support your employees throughout the life cycle of your project. They allow them to improve their knowledge of the Oracle Primavera Cloud tool.


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Our consultants support your employees throughout the life cycle of your project. They allow them to improve their knowledge of the Oracle Primavera Cloud tool.


``Having Primavera Cloud expertise on a project is simply essential. Combining it with extensive field experience on industrial projects is also essential. This approach has been conveyed by MESLI Consulting to its customers for several years: it is the core of our approach and our success.``


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