The objectives of the Contract Management :

At the end of this training, each participant will be able to contribute to the good practices of contract management.

Public :
This training is intended for project managers and all people involved in a company project.

Prerequisites :
The fundamentals of project management. The validation of the prerequisites will be done through a preliminary interview (by phone or email) or by submitting a certificate or equivalent diploma.

Pedagogical Materials :
All participants will be given educational materials at the end of the training. This training includes a theoretical part and a case study.

Methods used :
This training will include discussions and role-playing.

Our Trainers:
Our training courses are given by international experts recognized for their skills and expertise in contract management and customer and supplier claims management.

Evaluation methods:
Evaluation of the acquired knowledge through exercises, self-assessment and a certificate at the end of the training.


  • Acquire the best practices of contract management
  • Identify the fundamentals of contract management
  • Control the life cycle of your contract
  • Identify contract risks and deficiencies
  • Analyze and act on the interactions between project management and contract management


Day 1 - Market Ownership - 7h

Types of Contracts


The Offer (Contract) / Hierarchy of Documents


Legal aspects of the formation and validity of contracts


Interrelationship between project management and contract management


Introduction to the law of obligations / Importance of good faith


Taking ownership of the contract / Identifying the parts


Phase of site preparation


Site planning


Strategic management of contracts:

  • Knowing how to analyze a contract and deduce an execution strategy
  • Contract management tools


Practical case studies

Day 2 - Methodological aspects - 7h

Contract Risk Management


Contract Administration

  • Mail management
  • Documentary follow-up of deliverables – GED
  • Modifying works, formal notices, OS
  • Amendments
  • Invoicing
  • Acceptance and final account


Optimize your customer reporting

  • Site log
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Validation of technical documents
  • Monthly reporting


Controlling supplier and subcontractor risk


Case studies

Day 3 - Claims and Dispute Management - 7h

What is a claim?


When to make a claim?


The various methods of dispute resolution


How to prepare a claim

  • Documentation
  • Analysis of the delay in filing a claim
  • Reality of the prejudice
  • Methods of quantifying claims


Strategy for handling a claim


How to prepare / establish a counterclaim


Negotiation of claims


Practical case studies


Conclusion / Feedback


Duration: 3 days – 21 hours

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Price: please contact us for a personalized quote

Training locations :

  • Massy (91)
  • Possibility of remoting