Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud: A Complete Solution

oracle primavera cloud

Oracle Primavera P6 Cloud is a complete solution for all stages of a project’s lifecycle. It enables executives, project managers, and field professionals to successfully complete their projects. It supports projects from conception to completion in an efficient, consistent, and reliable manner.

The solution enables project managers and stakeholders to make the right decisions at the right time through real-time visibility of information on :

  • The objectives of your projects (contractual milestones)
  • The associated costs
  • The impact of risks on planning
  • Project performance

This information is provided through comprehensive and flexible dashboards and reports.

It has a collaboration system that allows project teams to communicate and collaborate effectively. This allows for more efficient project planning, monitoring, and execution.



Oracle Portfolio Cloud provides a portfolio-based view of project information. Specifically: the proposed project pipeline, estimated budgets, capital expenditures, and funding allocation requirements.

Portfolio managers can evaluate scenarios and arrive at an optimal plan. The goal is to allocate financial budgets and other resources to multiple projects in line with strategic objectives. In addition, users can monitor the health of portfolios, track performance, and balance portfolios by aligning them with strategic business objectives.

This Oracle Portfolio Cloud feature provides comprehensive tools for investment planning and budget approval in project portfolios.

Configurable performance dashboards monitor the portfolio lifecycle based on key indicators. The goal is to collaboratively propose, postpone, prioritize, and select projects and make changes as necessary.



Project planning and scheduling are key elements of effective project management. A well-developed project schedule allows project managers to effectively manage project milestones, deliverables, and deadlines.

Primavera Schedule is a cloud-based solution that works with other Oracle Primavera Cloud modules to provide a full project management solution. 

Interactive Gantt Charts allow project planners and managers to communicate a more accurate and complete graphical representation of a project’s schedule in real time. The system also allows users to track project scope and resource allocation. But it also allows for proactive leveling of resources and roles.



Oracle Primavera Schedule Cloud Service allows project managers to manage prioritized roles and resources by project. Organizations can also choose to manage these roles and resources at the enterprise level based on project-level needs.

Resources and roles can be assigned to activities within the resource allocation capabilities. This allows project managers to load resources onto the project schedule.

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Leveling can be applied to resource allocation to reduce over- or underutilization. 



Risk Management provides the necessary tools that allow project professionals to easily and successfully manage risk. Features include :

  • A risk register helps visualize and prioritize project risks
  • Tools to define risk thresholds and scoring matrices for qualitative analysis
  • Monte Carlo analysis of schedule data incorporating risk data
  • Curves that show expected results in terms of time and cost, as well as the likelihood of each,
  • Risk response plans to address project risks and establish post-response scenarios
  • Identification of risk events that prevent schedules from working as planned
  • Average impact risk analysis to determine which risks and activities have the greatest impact
  • Risk sensitivity data is shown for the project cost and end date, along with ways to see the sensitivity



Oracle Primavera Lean Cloud’s task management functionality provides a set of tools. These tools help improve the detailed coordination, planning, and execution of work among project stakeholders. The tool allows field workers to decide how best to execute their work with maximum efficiency.

The Work Plan interface allows planners, supervisors, and field workers to: easily define, plan, and sequence their work according to short-term objectives defined by the project schedule.



Cost management allows project managers and key stakeholders to :

  • Enter the budget
  • Perform forecasting analysis
  • Forecast impending expenses

The main objective is to reduce the risk of overspending.

Oracle Primavera Schedule Cloud Service makes it easy for project managers to handle both simple and complicated ways of managing costs. 

Oracle Primavera Schedule uses a spreadsheet-like interface to manage the project budget, budget changes, and transfers. It also interacts with various project elements to provide a single location for managing project costs, including forecasting information.

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Oracle Primavera Cloud’s mobile suite connects progress on the job site to those managing the project while providing executives and portfolio managers with the tools they need on the go.

Through mobile applications, users benefit from powerful functionality with easy-to-use interfaces. Real-time data and alerts improve processes while allowing users to access information without an Internet connection.



Oracle Primavera Cloud includes robust file management functionality. From high-level design basis documents to detailed specifications, all documentation uses strict authorization controls to manage access across the enterprise. Features include archive and retrieval, version control, and full-text search for over 500 document types.

You can view most types of documents without having to install an application, reducing cost and complexity. The discussion and sharing features allow users to review files and have a broader context to make clearer decisions.

File management capabilities eliminate duplication of documents. And allow users to link existing project files to activities, scope, fields, costs, and bids to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate information.

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