DCMA : Excellence in project control

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What is a DCMA analysis?

DCMA is a comprehensive process for evaluating, monitoring, and maximising excellence in project performance control. Initially developed for the defence industry in the United States of America, this method is now widely used throughout the world in various sectors to guarantee compliance with deadlines, costs, and the quality of pre-established schedules.

DCMA for project control

DCMA analysis involves a very detailed examination of all the stages of a project. Therefore, it is used from the initial planning phase, then the launch, right through to project closure and handover. It provides a complete check of the points to watch in order to detect any anomalies that could distort the results of simulations of new scenarios.


The analysis in the 14-point DCMA schedule evaluation includes the following project control points:

1. Logic  

2. Leads  

3. Lags  

4. Relationship Types  

5. Hard Constraints  

6. High Float  

7. Negative Float  

8. High Duration  

9. Invalid Dates  

10. Resources  

11. Missed Tasks  

12. Critical Path Test  

13. Critical Path Length Index (CPLI)  

14. Baseline Execution Index (BEI) 

For some customers, it is enough to use only the first 8 points.


I. What are the advantages of using DCMA analysis?


– Verification of the Critical path’s integrity

DCMA analysis also enables excellence in scrutinising the control of the critical path(s) of the schedule with surgical precision. By identifying the key stages and checking their integrity, it ensures that the project is properly analysed and stays on track as a result of the right decisions being taken.


Avoid Delays

Delays can be costly and disruptive for project teams and the relationship with the client. DCMA analysis helps anticipate potential delays by identifying risk areas and putting measures in place to avoid them.


– Effective Resource and Cost Allocation

By strategically allocating resources and costs, DCMA helps maximise project effectiveness, minimise impacts, and stay within budget.


– Important Task Duration Breakdowns

Significant durations are closely examined to ensure feasibility. DCMA breaks down these durations into more manageable steps, providing a clear view of the process.


Dates validation

DCMA analysis checks the validity of dates to avoid real values in the future, which could seriously affect stimulation analyses, including Monte Carlo.


II. How does DCMA analysis contribute to your projects?


DCMA analysis is a valuable tool for project managers because it helps measure project performance against initial objectives. It provides an overview of project health and allows project managers to make informed decisions to improve performance.


– Improved planning

The DCMA analysis begins with a rigorous assessment of the project planning. It allows us to identify gaps and possible blocking points, which allows us to design more robust and realistic schedules.


Continuous Monitoring

Thanks to monitoring and control tools, DCMA analysis allows us to monitor the progress of the project in real time. This gives us clear visibility into progress, allowing us to take corrective action quickly if necessary.


Risk management

The DCMA analysis makes it possible to establish potential risk analyses and develop mitigation plans. This proactive approach minimises surprises and negative impacts on the project.


– Resource optimisation

By identifying the areas of the project where resources are most needed, we optimise resource allocation, reducing unnecessary costs.


– Measures for Improvement

DCMA analysis generates valuable data on project performance. This information allows us to identify areas that require continuous improvement and implement corrective actions.


III. What trusted tools are available for a successful DCMA analysis?

To perform effective DCMA analysis, it is recommended to use specialised tools such as Deltek Acumen Fuse and Oracle Primavera Cloud. This software offers ideal ergonomics to produce a quality DCMA analysis. They make it easier for project management professionals by automating many steps of the process

Oracle Primavera Cloud is a cloud-based project management software that helps plan, execute, and monitor projects efficiently. It offers advanced features for cost planning, schedule planning, risk management, and resource management. It also helps generate detailed reports for DCMA analysis.


For more information, please visit our dedicated web page at https://www.mesli-consulting.com/en/blog-en/oracle-primavera-p6-cloud-a-complete-solution/



Deltek Acumen Fuse:


Deltek Acumen Fuse is a real value add in DCMA analysis for your projects and optimisation of your EPC schedules. Acumen Fuse is one of the preferred tools in project control due to its ergonomics and ability to produce a DCMA analysis in a very short time with appropriate graphics for understanding and analysing planning data. It offers advanced features for project data analysis, including cost planning, schedule planning, resource management, and risk management. It also allows you to generate detailed, pre-built reports for DCMA analysis.


DCMA Analysis


In short, DCMA analysis is an essential tool for the success of your projects. It allows you to check the quality of your schedule, identify critical areas, anticipate delays, and evaluate the probability that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Tools like Acumen Fuse and Oracle Primavera Cloud are allies in producing quality DCMA analysis.


At Mesli Consulting, we are delighted to offer you advanced training on Oracle Primavera Cloud and Deltek Acumen Fuse, allowing you to acquire the skills necessary to take full advantage of this powerful methodology and technology. Our training programmes are designed to help you master DCMA analysis and guarantee the success of your projects. Join us as you improve your DCMA processes. Depending on your needs, we are prepared to support you through personalised workshops.


Need to guarantee the success of your project? Contact us and we will send you a personalised quote.


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